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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lord Krsna is Bhakta Vatsalya


Recently Malaysian devotees had the good fortune to associate with Sripad Bhaktivedanta Siddhanti Maharaja. Below is a short excerpt of Maharaj's class:

Image result for Krishna showing affection to his devotees Once King  Akhbar asked his trusted minister Bilbar, how is it that God comes Himself to save his devotees from any dangers. Why not sent His armies instead?

When Bilbar heard that, he asked the King to give him a few days to think about the question.

Image result for sripad bhaktivedanta siddhanti maharaj
Sripad BV Siddhanti Maharaja
Finally after some days, Bilbar asked the King to go on a boating trip. He requested the young prince to be present in the boat as well. When the King heard this, he came with all his associates and confidantes. When the boat was in the middle of the lake, Bilbar threw the young prince into the water. The King was shocked and immediately without thinking jumped into the waters to save his young son.

When the King was back on the boat, he rebuked Bilbar to have acted in a maddened way. Bilbar told the King why he acted that way, "My dear King, that was the answer to the question you asked the previous day."

The purport of the story is - Lord Krsna will always save His own devotees as He is very affectionate towards His devotees. He does not wait for His armies or close confidantes to do it. He Himself will save His devotees. Similarly the King did not wait for his close associates to jump into the water to save the young prince.

Among Bhagavan's qualities, His affection or bhakta vatsalya is His topmost quality.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Mercy of a Vaishnava Sadhu

(Sripad Bhaktivedanta Padmanabha Maharaja had a short stopover in Malaysia. Below is an excerpt of Maharaji's Hari-Katha on 9th April 2016.)

In 1996, when Srila Gurudeva first started to travel around the world, Srila Gurudeva was humbly requested by devotees to visit a very wealthy doctor’s house living in the United States of America.
bv padmanabha
Sripad BV Padmanabha Maharaja

This doctor is Indian born and he had left India for almost 30 over years and has been living in the States. His house was overlooking the ocean and was incredibly huge.

When we arrived at his house, we rang his doorbell for 3 or more times. We were wondering what was going on. Here we are with our spiritual master and there was nobody to receive Srila Gurudeva in a proper manner befitting a maha-bhagavat.

Finally the door opened and it was the doctor’s wife. She wore a pair of jeans and T-shirt at that time. She welcomed Srila Gurudeva and the devotees into the house. Srila Gurudeva sat down on the sofa and the rest of  us on the floor. Right up till now, there was still no sign of the doctor.

After some time, the doctor’s son came downstairs wearing a sweat-shirt with the words “USC” and a pair of jeans. What happened next shocked all of us. The son actually held out his hand for a hand-shake to Srila Gurudeva and sat next to Srila Gurudeva! We were appalled! Srila Gurudeva, being the personification of complete mercy, talked to the son and had His Divine Hands around the boy who was about 20 over years old.

After all this, there was still no sign of the doctor. We did our kirtan and Srila Gurudeva started to talk. Then we saw the doctor come down and he took his seat at the back of the living room and listened intently at Srila Gurudeva’s Hari-Katha. This was what Srila Gurudeva said.

“Once there was an extremely wealthy king. He was engrossed in his material welfare and had no time for anything spiritual.

In the same kingdom, lived a Brahmin Vaishnava who was good at astrology. The Brahmin checked the king’s astrology and found that the king had only a few days to live. He felt strongly to warn the king of this.

When he came to the gates of the palace, he told the guards that he had urgent matters with the king. The guards forbade him to see the king and told him to leave.

“But I must see the King!” said the Brahmin.

“Why? What is it that you must say? If you have no business, you better get going,” said the guards.

“Please, according to my astrology reading, the King has only a few days to live. I must warn him of this!” pleaded the Brahmin.

Just as the Brahmin said these words, the Queen’s palanquin was passing by. When she heard the Brahmin, she stopped the palanquin and called the Brahmin over.

“What is this that I am hearing? I can have you beheaded!” said the Queen quite angrily and anxious at the same time.

The Brahmin said, “My dear Queen. What I am saying is the truth. The King has only a few days to live. If you don’t believe me, you may put me in jail or have me beheaded. My astrological calculations are perfectly correct.”

When the Queen saw that the Brahmin showed no fear, she immediately took him to see her husband, the King.

The Brahmin told the King of his astrological calculations. He said, “O my dear King. There is no need to worry. You will go to heaven and enjoy many many things in heaven. But there is a problem.”

“What is it?” asked the King getting anxious.

“In heaven there is a problem,” said the Brahmin. “The problem is, there will be mosquitoes to disturb you. But don’t worry there are mosquito nets in Heaven. The only predicament with the mosquito nets, they have some holes. But there are some strings that you could use to sew them. The biggest problem is, there are no needles in Heaven to sew them!”

“No needles in Heaven!” cried the King.

“Yes,” said the Brahmin. “You can take the needles from your palace and go there to Heaven!”

“Take needles from here to go to Heaven! How is it possible? When I am dead, how is it possible to take anything from here??” the King asked.

The Brahmin said, “Now, my dear King, now, you understand.”

Srila Gurudeva concluded that no matter how much we collect here, we will not be able to take a single thing with us.

After listening to Srila Gurudeva, the doctor told Srila Gurudeva that he appreciated the Hari Katha very much. He remembered his childhood in Delhi, growing up in a very wealthy family. And there was a temple in the courtyard of his huge house. The doctor used to go there to worship. After he came to the States, he forgot all of it and got embroiled in his family and work.

The purport of the story is, just like the Brahmin Vaishnava who was very merciful in reminding the King of his limited days on earth and no matter how much wealth one may have, one will not be able to take it upon death. Srila Gurudeva was also showing His immense mercy towards that doctor. This is the nature of sadhus.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Purushottama Month & Caturmasya - A Time for Devotion

Often when we hear of Purushottama month or Caturmasya (4 months of austerities from certain foodstuffs), we may feel there is just too much restriction, especially in not being able to take our favourite foodstuffs such as tomatoes, honey, runner beans etc. 

Image result for mahaprasadam
Instead of looking at it as a bane, we must learn how to look at these months as a boon. It is a time we are restricting such foodstuffs in order to control our senses and to get closer to Sri Guru and Krsna. 

In that instance, we cannot also say we will cook some potatoes and rice and that will do for the devotees. Instead, we must remember when we cook, we are indeed cooking for Sri Guru and Krsna. It is a time when we have to think creatively and out of the box to come up with simple yet palatable dishes for our Lordships. 

We can take this time and cook something nice for Sri Guru and Krsna and most importantly to cultivate loving relationships and develop out devotion with Them. It's like this. Would we cook something not so palatable for our family members? When we cultivate loving relationships with Sri Guru, we must ask ourselves, "Will Gurudeva like to take this?"

Therefore, we must embrace such months where many inspirational recipes may emerge from our hearts to cook for Their Lordship. After all these holy months are a time when we are tested of our patience, tolerance and devotion.

 So, happy cooking and chanting and observing these holy months!

Purushottama month ki jaya!1
Caturmasya months ki jaya!!

Below are some cooking ideas for these months.

a) Dhall and chapati or rice and spinach
b) tofu gravy
c) ladies fingers in grated coconut
d) pumpkin chutney with chapati or white rice
e) apple chutney with chapati
f) fried cabbage and potatoes
g) stir fried asparagus, fried tofu and capsicum
h) pan fried radish with a little bit of chilli powder

and the list goes on. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Paranormal Encounters

The Malaysian devotees had the good fortune to host Srimati Uma didi, especially during the most auspicious occasion of the Appearance Day of Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana Gosvami Maharaja and the Disappearance Day of Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja. 

Below are two short excerpts of the glories of Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana Gosvami Maharaja by Srimati Uma didi. 

The Ghostly Wedding

"Once my Gurudeva wanted to visit his disciple in a nearby village. At that time there was no public transportation. So, Guru Maharaja used to walk everywhere. He walked for a very long time and soon it was really late at night. He was passing by a jungle and the time was almost ten at night.

Suddenly, he saw some bright lights. It was as though some wedding festival was going on. A person approached Guru Maharaj and asked Guru Maharaj to bless his daughter and son-in-law. Although, very late, and not thinking anything out of the ordinary, Guru Maharaj obliged. 

After the young couple got their blessings, Guru Maharaj went on his way to his disciple's house. Soon he reached his disciple's house and knocked on the door.

Upon opening the door, the disciple was shocked to see Guru Maharaj arriving at his home very, very late at night. 

"Gurudeva, you have come so late. What happened? inquired the disciple.

"O I went to bless a young couple on their wedding day. It was on the way and I thought, I might as well do it."

The disciple looked very puzzled. "But there's no houses anywhere near here, Gurudeva. No matter, we will look into this tomorrow."

The next day, Guru Maharaj and the disciple went to the spot where the wedding festival was held. The place was covered with trees. 

This shows that Guru Maharaj not only delivers humans but also other entities such as ghosts."


The Foot Bath Water of a Mahajana

"Once a brahmacari who was residing in Rupa Sanatana Math went to the Yamuna River to take his bath. As he was dipping himself, he felt someone was pushing him. It was as though a heavy weight was put on him. He kept coming up to the surface but to his surprise, there was no one around. 
Each time he dipped, he felt something heavy was on him. 

Feeling a little afraid, he came out of the water and started off towards the math. He felt someone was following him. 

That night, he saw a female ghost in his room. The ghost said that she had committed suicide because the man who was supposed to marry her did not keep his promise. After seeing the brahmacari, the ghost said she had fallen in love with him. 

The ghost also warned the brahmacari not to tell anyone of this incident as it will kill him. Fearing for his life, the brahmacari did as he was told.

Soon , the brahmacari grew thinner and thinner and looked very pale. 

It so happened, the brahmacari's room was adjacent to another building and his sister was staying there. She heard her brother talking to someone every night. Feeling suspicious, she decided to confront her brother. 

"Who are you talking to every night. I hear voices coming from your room. Tell me honestly!" demanded the sister. 

"There is a female ghost. If anyone knows about this, it will kill me," the brahmacari said. 

Soon, the sister told everyone in order to save her brother. Many tried to reason with the ghost to leave the brahmacari alone. 

The female ghost said that it will go if she can get the foot bath of a mahajana. Not any mahajana but the foot bath of my Guru Maharaja.

My Guru Maharaja's foot bath water was quickly brought to the brahmacari's room. Soon enough, the ghost left the brahmacari. 

The shows how very powerful, Guru Maharaja was. We should not think my Guru Maharaja and Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaj are any different. 

Once Sripad Bhaktivedanta Madhava Maharaj told our Guru Maharaj that he wanted to serve him. 

Our Guru Maharaj said, "Don't think I am any different from Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaj. You should serve him.""


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