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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blinded By Our Own Poison

Once, two saints were standing on the bank of a river, when they saw a scorpion was being swept away by the strong current. One of the saints picked up the scorpion on his palm to save it, but it stung the saint and fell back into the river.

The saint then kept picking up the scorpion to save it, but it kept on stinging the saint. And this went on and on.

Upon seeing this, the other saint said, "Why are you doing this? Don't save the scorpion. Let it die."

The first saint replied, "If this scorpion is not giving up its nature to bite, then, why should I give up my nature to save him?"

In the same way, sadhus are mercy and tolerance personified. They will keep coming back for us, the fallen soul, again and again to urge us to get out of this material condition by serving Sri Guru and Krsna.

Yet we are blinded by our own poison to see the ways of the humble sage.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cure for Criticizing

Below are some excerpts from Srimati Syamarani didi’s class on her recent visit to Malaysia. Didi very expertly gave class on what Srila Gurudeva would want us to be doing:

Refraining From Quarrelling

“Gopis always glorify others that there is no time for quarrelling. Srila Gurudeva says: ‘I want all the temples to serve my mission and not be disunited.’”

On Leadership

Srila Gurudeva says: “Be equal to all, kind to all and be broad-minded. Don’t be selfish.”

Cure for Criticizing --- the Medicine

“Criticize yourself always. If you simply chant, you will have material desires. So sing bhajans and pray to Sri Guru and Guru-parampara, ‘Please let your words be mine.’”

Keep praying. Always think: “I am the cause of any sufferings I have.”


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