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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trying To Possess And Lamenting

We desire for many things in this human form of life. In fact we desire to be beautiful, to be intelligent, to be super rich and list goes on and on. At the end of the day, we cannot take even a farthing with us when we depart.

So we desire for things we cannot actually possess.

Then we cry our hearts out when we lose something. When it is suppose to be lost, it will be lost. The scriptures say that when we lose a wallet and if there are many people around it, if you are suppose to find it, you will still find it.

But if you have so much money stashed in your house, with full security, if the money is suppose to be stolen then it will happen.

The Lord arranges all these.

So we lament for those things that we lose when in fact we cannot possess them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Telling Children Stories (Harikatha)

The other day I told my 9 year old student about the story of the "Talking Pot." Sometimes I try to inject in a very "tricky" manner about our Krsna conscious philosophy after a lesson. I usually start by asking my students whether they would love to hear a story or not. They would always say "Y - E - S!!!" in a cheerful manner.

These children have no idea who Krsna is. Besides they are not devotees' children either. So story telling is the best way to get the message across.

OK coming back to the "Talking Pot." It's a story about how a disciple felt he could do better if he left his Guru's ashram. His service was to fetch water from the Yamuna daily. The disciple thought he would be better off if he found a job and got married. But the pot talked him out of it and he ran back to his Guru. For the full story click here:

After the story I asked my student, Darren, about the moral of the story. Below is the excerpt of the conversation.

Me: So what do you think of the story Darren?

Darren: Very nice.

Me: Do you think the disciple should leave his Guru?

Darren: No

Me: Why not?

Darren: Because he will suffer. He will have to work very hard.

Me: But everyone has to work hard.

Darren: Yes, but he has everything at the temple. More peaceful.

I suppose this innocent child nailed the story. By the way, he chants "Haribolo" and "Gaura-Nitai." I made him chant each time he was feeling tired.

The Lord's Holy Names, His pastimes and His associates' pastimes are so powerful that it will make a deep impression on anyone regardless of their birth.

Who knows, when I am old and grey, Darren might just end up becoming a wonderful devotee. Then he knows that his tutor used to tell him such stories and made him chant the holy names.


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