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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Power of the Maha-Mantra

There are times when I'm at my wits ends trying to follow the instructions of my Srila Gurudeva. He has ordered me to preach and blogging and the Internet is one tool I feel I can reach out to many people out there.
Besides, I've also came up with ways to put the maha-mantra in a visible way so that people will take notice. For example, I've a key-chain with a beautiful picture of the Divine Couple. At the back of the key-chain the maha-mantra is printed.
As I tutor for a living, I sometimes on purpose put the key-chain on my table so that my students ranging from the ages 10 - 17 will take note of it. They will usually look at the picture and sometimes may chant the maha-mantra. Some even queried me for being a vegetarian.
One such boy began to chant the maha-mantra every Saturday just before I start my class. Because he was doing it very diligently, his friend began to follow suit.
Yesterday, both the 10 year old somewhat surprised me. As soon as they finished chanting the maha-mantra, they told me of their intentions of wanting to become vegetarians. I was really taken aback. I asked them whether their parents knew about it, to which they said their parents were cool about the matter.
Then I asked them why they wanted to be so. Little Li Jyn explained that the fish suffers and struggles for air when caught. The fish wants to live just like us.
And her friend Clifford added that it was awful to slaughter the chickens.
Whatever the outcome of these two souls, I really wish that they become wonderful devotees. Everything is in the hands of Sri Guru and Krsna.
In the meantime, they will continue to chant the maha-mantra every Saturday!

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