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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Follow Sri Upadesamrta

While in Bombay, a doctor who is a disciple of Srila Gurudeva came to ask him some questions about Vilapa Kusumanjali by Srila Raghunath dasa Goswami. No sooner had he mentioned the name of this book, Srila Gurudeva asked him:
"Have you read Upadesamrta?"
"Yes," the doctor replied.
"No," Srila Gurudeva answered. "You have not read it."
"Yes, I have," insisted the doctor. "I purchased your edition and read it."
"Then tell me what is the first sloka, verse?" Srila Gurudeva asked.
"Well," said the doctor. "I have read the book, but I can't remember the verse."
"You say, you have read it, " Srila Gurudeva replied. But what is the use if you cannot remember the verses? How many rounds do you chant?"
"I chant a minimum of 16 rounds," the doctor answered.
"If you want krsna-prema, then you must chant not less than one lakh (100,000) of harinama, holy names. To chant two lakhs is better or ever three like Srila Haridasa Thakura," answered Srila Gurudeva.
Srila Gurudeva then asked the doctor another question.
"If a very beautiful, naked woman came into this room, then what would happen to your mind?"
The doctor was speechless.
"So try to follow Upadesamrta." Srila Gurudeva continued, "Control vaco vegam, control manasa vegam (the urges to speak, and of the mind) and follow all the instruction of Srila Rupa Goswami had given in the 11 verses of Upadesamrta.
Before you even think of reading Vilapa Kusumanjali, you should have committed all of these instructions to memory, as well as those of Srila Raghunath dasa Gosvami's Sri Manah-siksa. Besides this you should also be chanting at least one lakh of harinama."
vaco vegam manasah krodha-vegam
jihva-vegam udaropastha-vegam
etan vegan yo visaheta dhirah
sarvam apimam prithivim sa sisyat
(A wise and self-composed person who can subdue the impetus to speak, the agitation of the mind, the onset of anger, the vehemence of the tongue, the urge of the belly and the agitation of the genitals can instruct the entire world. In other words, all persons may become disciples of such a self-controlled person.)

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Govindarupini dd said...

Dandavats Didi,

I just stumbled on your blog page. I am enjoying reading your quotes from our Srila B.V. Narayana Maharaja Gurudeva and the other wonderful Vaisnavas. Thank you for your service in sharing such sweet Hari katha and your realizations.


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