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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Desperate Book Distributor

Yesterday was Wesak Day. My god sister Lalita didi and I decided to distribute our Srila Gurudeva’s books outside the Buddhist Temple in Brickfields. Lalita didi wanted to go there after lunch. So we met up about 2:30 p.m. The heat was intense. Beads of perspiration were trickling down my face. To make matters worse, I forgot my sun-hat!

When we arrived here, Lalita didi wanted to go inside the temple premises to check things out. I said I will wait for her outside near a stall with a big shady umbrella. Many people passed by me. Some did not even bother to look. I tried really hard to distribute. The heat was getting to me.

I was thinking to myself: “What am I doing? Am I able to distribute here?”

The gentleman who was manning his sweets-stall asked me to come closer towards his shady umbrella. Out of desperation I said: “I will, if you take a book from me.”

The man smiled. And I was like: “O Krsna, Gurudeva, how am I to do this?!”

After about 20 minutes, the man came up to me and asked my name. I then handed out our preaching centre’s address. We exchanged names and what do you know, he bought a book!!

By this time, Lalita didi came out and we thought we will wait at the junction towards the temple. It was much cooler there as the road was lined up with some nice shady trees.

As we were walking I spotted a familiar face at one the many make-shift stalls selling all kinds of everything. The individual was another “missing-in-action” devotee. I called out to this person. Startled, the devotee returned a wide, warm smile. While talking, other book distributors from the centre joined us.

Now my spirits were high. Sripad Bhaktivedanta Bhiksu Maharaja, Krsna Kanta Brahmacari, Prem Ras Prabhu, Jaya Govinda Prabhu and Ramesh Prabhu were very happy to see us both.

Somehow after that my distribution techniques changed. I would shove our centre’s address to whomever I met. And then place a book in their hands. This would be followed by a small amount of donation.

I also learnt one very valuable lesson during my book distribution. These books are transcendental personalities. They would decide on whose hands They wished to go.

A case in point. It was almost 5:00 p.m. I was thinking of making one last hit before calling it off. Besides Lalita didi wanted to head home and so did the rest of the party of book distributors. I walked up and down the sweltering heat. I managed to give out the invitation to our centre but not one person wanted to give even RM1.00 for a book of considerable thickness. I tried to appeal to them by saying 3 books for RM10.00 or even RM5.00, but no one wanted it.

I thought to myself that I have to call it quits. I headed where the rest of the party was and started packing my stuff.

And what do you know. A young lady rushes to me and gushed, “Are you Hare Krsnas?” I want the Mahabharata. It’s for my friend.”

I was taken aback and told her I don’t have those but I have the ‘Essence of Bhagavad-gita’ and others. She looked at them and bought 2 books right away!

Book distribution really opens up a new understanding about Them. That They are the masters and we are the servants taking Them around. They decide on whom They wish to shower Their causeless mercy.

As for a desperate book distributor like me, well, in trying to help others, I’m actually helping myself.


Lilavathy said...

I am glad Lalita DD, went with you. I hope slowly slowly you and her can make a strong team, especially your band.

River of Karma said...

Hey there,
Looks like you got something nice going on here. Trade links?

River of Karma


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