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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Recently a mother of five was a little distressed about her children. She feels they don't really need her they way they used to. She was wondering where did that little patter of feet and that cute gurgle all gone to.
Before puberty, it was almost always, "Mom! Where are you?" or "I want my mommy!"
Then all of a sudden they have all grown up. They have their own set of friends. Their own life to live. And most of all not much time for mommy.
So this mother is totally bewildered. She wonders at the turn of events. The truth is she don't seem to realise that she herself has made a cycle. She does not realise that once before she was a baby, toddler, a young child, a teenager, a woman, married lady and now a mother.
She herself did exactly the same things to her parents. The same cycle goes on. Yet, a lot of us can identify with her. We get bewildered by Krsna's time factor.
We have been mothers, fathers etc etc before. Married and had children a zillion times over.
If one is properly situated, they will not be like that. Instead they will take such an opportunity to get closer to Sri Guru and Krsna.
And most importantly ------ not to be bewildered again.

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