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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sowing the Seed of Compassion

Once when Srila Gurudeva was in Kuala Lumpur, and was hosted by a family in a residential area, the neighbours complained that the devotees were making too much noise early in the morning, meaning during mangala arati.
This matter was brought up to Srila Gurudeva by some devotees. Below is the excerpt of the conversation:
(Devotees): Srila Gurudeva, there's been some complain about us making too much noise early in the morning.
(Srila Gurudeva): O you should all tone down. Do not disturb anyone.
(Devotee): But I already talked to them and they said it was alright.
(Srila Gurudeva): No, No. We should still keep it down and not disturb them.
Also, a similar incident happened in the Philippines in 1999 when Srila Gurudeva was hosted in a beach resort during Christmas. There was loud blaring of music and much merriment was going on. One of the devotees complained the matter to the resort management. The devotees were also planning to move Srila Gurudeva to another beach house.
As for the noise it was somewhat quiet, then back to its fullest volume!
At that time Srila Gurudeva was resting and now His Divine Grace woke up.
(Devotee): Srila Gurudeva, we complained the matter to the management to keep it down. And we may also have to move.
(to their surprise Srila Gurudeva answered)
(Srila Gurudeva): Oh no harm. It is like Krsna playing His flute. Did you make any complaint? You should not complain. These people are like children. They want to be happy in this material world. Soon they will become old and die.
(The maha-bhagavata is not disturbed at all. He is most calm and most compassionate. He showers love to all those around Him. His character is exemplary so that one day such truths will manifests in our hearts.)

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