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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nagar Sankirtan with Uma Didi

Srimati Uma didi (left) and Rangavati didi.

I’ve always wanted to do a nagar-sankirtan seva (congregational chanting of the holy names). But having to acquire a police permit is a little daunting. The law here requires any public display of religious sentiments to have a permit so as not to disturb others of different faith.

That’s when I came up with the idea of chanting at the park. Devotees can sit around the park and chant. We can even call it “Krsna Picnic."

I talked to Lalita didi about it and she was excited to do this. But it had to be after the Kartik month since she was going for parikrama. I also talked to some other devotees and they were just as eager.

Nitai Gauranga Jaya!! Gaura Hari!!!

When Lalita didi came back, we set the date for 15th November. We did not call many devotees as the weather was really bad. It rained everyday. And we had to do a lot of cancellations if it rained.

Unfortunately, a day before the scheduled nagar sankirtan, Lalita didi had some emergency meeting. She informed that a senior Vaishnavi, Srimati Uma didi was coming for a stop over before flying off to Oakland.

Also, whomever I’ve requested to come could not make it as well.

I assured Lalita didi that it was alright and perhaps I will take Uma didi to the park instead. I’ve known Uma didi for a long time. She is such a sweet, gentle and great soul.

So on Sunday (15th November), as soon as I parked my car outside our preaching centre, a loud clap of thunder was heard. The whole day seemed fairly ok, and I feared of a heavy down pour.

I quickly went to the centre, met Uma didi and her assistant Rangavati didi and mentioned of my intentions. They very happily decided to join in the harinama chanting. This despite the fact they flew in only that morning.

We headed to the park, less than 5 minutes drive and picked a spot. We chanted loudly for about an hour. People passed us by. Some noticed, some nodded, some ignored. Many families were there with their children. Some playing, some just sitting by and some doing their evening exercises.

After that I took out my home made almond cookies prasadam and we relished it together. I also mentioned to Uma didi, how Srila Gurudeva used walk around the perimeters of the lake in the park.

Home-made almond cookies

Soon little silver droplets from the heavens started to sprinkle upon us. We made it to the car and headed towards the centre.

Later that evening Uma didi spoke on the importance of nagar sankirtan. (will blog about the class soon).

All's well, that ends well.

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