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Monday, April 12, 2010

What Sri Guru Wants

Once a senior disciple of Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaja related a very inspiring experience he had with his Guru Maharaj.

His Guru Maharaj appointed him to be a pujari in one of the temples. But being a non-Indian, he was constantly badgered about his birth by other devotees who are bent on giving him a hard time. (Sometimes Sri Krsna tests us in many ways. And it’s all about tolerance and hanging on to Sri Guru’s order.)

Not being able to take the mental and emotional torture, he went to his Guru Maharaj to be relieved of his service. Instead his Guru Maharaj told him to continue to do the service. But the mental and emotional torture continued. Finally, he approached his Guru Maharaj and explained his situation. Then his Guru Maharaj said he may do other services.

This he did but he always met with many types of obstacles. Be it from people or the environment itself. He tried in many ways to preach here and there but all was quite unsuccessful.

When his Guru Maharaj left the planet, a successive acarya was appointed and he was also a god-brother of this disciple.

Then his god-brother told him, “Please come and do the pujari seva. Our Guru Maharaj likes your seva.”

This gladdened the heart of the senior disciple and he immediately did just that.

Now, Sri Guru knows exactly the type of seva we should do. And if He says something, then, that is what it is. It is always about what Sri Guru wants. Even if the going gets tough, we have to persevere and approach Sri Guru about our problems.

There is so much bliss in Sri Guru’s order. It is up to us to take it upon our heads and forge ahead.

With much supplication, may such realization manifest in my heart and may Sri Guru be pleased with me. May I also know what Sri Guru wants and not do something independently. For Sri Guru only has our best interest at heart.


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