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Monday, July 12, 2010

3 Fold Miseries

There are three fold miseries always plaguing us. The misery arising from our minds, athyatmika. The miseries given to us by others, adhibautika. Then there are miseries that we mortals suffer from those coming from the demi-gods, adhidaivika.
Adhidaivika are miseries arising from earth quake, hurricanes, thunder storms and other natural calamities which we have no control of.
Adhibautika are miseries others give us, causing us pain and suffering.
Adhyatmika are miseries arising from our own minds. We can cut these miseries by constantly chanting the holy names and serving the Vaishnavas.
Our minds play many tricks on us. We tend to speculate things which are not true, worry unnecessarily and always think about what is going to happen or what others are thinking about us.
If we clear our minds of these unwanted thoughts by servitude attitude and constantly chant the holy names, then at least the other two miseries becomes somewhat tolerable.
Miseries from our own minds plunges us into deep depression and in some cases even suicide. There is always a way out. If the minds is controlled, then we can at least lead a peaceful life.
All the money in the world will not guarantee us happiness.
But the mind that is constantly thinking of the Lord, His pastimes, serving Sri Guru and Vaishnavas is a happy one that is on his or her way back home, back to Godhead.


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