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Monday, September 6, 2010

Get Out Of The 8 Million, 400 Thousand Species of Life

After wandering around in countless species of life, 8 million 400 thousand to be precise, we have gotten this human form of life.

With this human form of life, we are to do devotional practice and surrender to a bona fide guru. But our hearts are filled with anarthas (unwanted things). Thus, making it difficult for us to progress spiritually.

Instead of speaking hari-katha, we rather indulge in criticizing devotees, talk about their past misdeeds and what have yous'.

How can we find perfection in others when we ourselves are so imperfect?

Take a moment a reflect upon this.

If we try to see only the good in others, (which is of course very difficult to do) but with perseverance and much prayer, this almost impossible task will become possible.

Then we will be able to experience some bliss from within, besides doing service to Sri Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas. Our intention to come into this spiritual life in the first place is not to be caught up in the 8 million, 400 thousand spices of life anyway.

May you have a blessed day.

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