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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Wolf and The Lamb

(a nice story related by Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja)

A wolf was drinking water from a river at the same time as an innocent lamb.

The wolf thought, "Somehow or other I must devour that lamb."

The wolf said, "Hey! Don't you know? Can't you see I am drinking water here? Why are you making the water muddy for me? I shall kill you."

The lamb said, "O sir, you are drinking water upstream and I am drinking water downstream. How is that I am making the water muddy for you?"

The wolf said, "Why did you call me bad names one year ago?"

The lamb said, "O sir, I am only three months old. How is it that I could call you bad names one year ago?"

The wolf said, "Your mother must have done so. Anyway, I will still kill you!"

This is how all concocted stories are going around. This story illustrates how hatred, speaking ill, and concocting stories arise from intolerance or enviousness.

In the same way we find all kinds of fault in others. But are you perfect yourself? Are there no defects in you? As the saying goes, "A sieve has many holes and a needle has one hole. But the sieve criticizes the needle. So, one who criticizes should understand whether he himself is perfect or not.

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