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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Give Respect to All and Know Your Goal & Object

(A short excerpt from Sripad Bhaktivedanta Tirtha Maharaja's class when His Holiness was in Malaysia.)

Sakhis (the beloved cowherd girls of Lord Krsna) always have competitive mood to always serve the Lord. They want Krsna for themselves as well.

But the manjaris (the dear most maid servants of Srimati Radhika) have always servitor mood - always wanting to serve their swamini Srimati Radhika.

This is our goal and object. We have to pray for the mood of the maidservants of Srimati Radhika. If we want to worship Srimati Radhika's lotus feet, then we must respect all here, in this world. We must practice and avoid all offenses.

Once a babaji from the Babaji Sampradaya did hard austerities, doing special sadhana and bhajana of asta-kaliya-lila. When he left his body, all his disciples cried bitterly.

One disciple, even after a long time, felt so much separation mood for his Gurudeva. He felt that he was embroiled in the material world and prayed he could serve his Gurudeva.

Then his Gurudeva came into his dream.

His Gurudeva said he could not enter the realm of serving Srimati Radhika. Even though he respected all scriptures like the Vedas, he neglected the scriptures of the Gosvamis. For that offense he was not admitted into the realm of servitorship of Srimati Radhika. He now had to come back and take birth to perfect his sadhana and bhajana.

Just image for someone who had done so much sadhana and bhajan, yet he cannot enter Goloka Vrindavan. What to speak of us!

Therefore, we must be very careful in avoiding offenses.

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