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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Beauty of Sri Radha Krsna


 Srimati Uma didi is here in Malaysia and she is giving wonderful classes. Below is a very short and powerful excerpt of Didi's class she gave on 11 January 2013

"In this world we are attracted to very beautiful persons. In the beginning a man is very attracted to the face of his beautiful wife. Her face will be like the beautiful moon. After some time, her face will be like the sun. So much heat is coming. After many years her face will be like the volcanoes. This means her beauty fades and she is not as palatable as she was before. 

Miss Universe is very beautiful. But how long her beauty is going to last. This is material beauty. Nothing lasts. Therefore the beauty of Sri Radha and Krsna is forever beautiful. It is transcendental beauty. If one has the good fortune to see Their Beauty, then all material desires will be vanquished.

Once there was a goonda called Dhanurdasa. Everyone was afraid of him. He married a very beautiful girl. Her father had to give her hand in marriage to Dhanurdasa as the father was afraid of the goonda. 

Dhanurdasa was enamored by his wife's beauty. He used to make public affection of his love for his wife. People used to scoff him. But Sri Ramanuja said that a man who is capable of so much love should be directed to the right goal - that is towards the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

Sri Ramunuja approached Dhanurdasa and asked why he deeply loved his wife. Dhanurdasa said that his wife is so beautiful, with beautiful eyes and none can equal her beauty. 

Then Sri Ramunuja said, " I will show you the One who is more beautiful!"

Dhanurdasa scoffed, "Impossible! If you do then I will be your servant, otherwise you will have to be my servant."

Sri Ramanuja placed his hand on Dhanurdasa's head and took him to have darshan of the Lord. Dhanurdasa was overwhelmed with love of God. Now he knows than none can equal the beauty of the Lord. He immediately became a follower of Sri Ramanuja."

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