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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Krsna - The Supreme Thief


Below is an excerpt of a sweet hari-katha spoken by Srimati Uma didi during her stay here.
"Once there lived a young thief. One day, the thief heard a sadhu (holy man) was giving hari-katha about a very beautiful Boy with lovely curling locks, with dark bluish complexion. And the Boy wears many types of ornaments. This beautiful Boy goes cow grazing everyday with His friends. Sometimes He is with all His friends and sometimes He is alone.

So now the thief thought of becoming the friend of this beautiful Boy. And later he will be able to steal all His ornaments. Then, he would not have to steal anymore and live a very comfortable life.

So, the thief went to Vrindavan. He was searching everyday for this beautiful Boy. Many days passed. The thief's eagerness grew immensely strong. He was so determined in wanting to meet this Boy with the ornaments. 

After some days had passed, the thief saw the Boy who is after all Krsna. Beautiful Krsna was decked in His ornaments and called out, "O I was waiting for you for a long time."

The thief thought, "This is going to be easy. I was thinking of becoming His friend and now He has befriended me instead."

Soon Krsna and the thief went everywhere together. The thief's heart was completely purified and forgot all about stealing the ornaments. 

One day Krsna did not come as usual. The thief waited and waited in separation for Krsna. His heart was burning in intense separation. The next day Krsna came and again Krsna took the thief here and there in Vrindavan.

Some days passed and Krsna told the thief, "O my friend, I want to give you my ornaments. Here, take all My ornaments."

The thief said, "I don't want your ornaments. I only want You as my friend forever!""

When you hear very high class hari-katha from bona-fide high class Vaishnavas, then greed will come into your heart. Greed is the only qualification to attain Krsna. 

We must first hear all these hari-katha from a bona-fide Sri Guru. Give your ears and then take darshan of the holy places. Otherwise if you were to go to Govardhan, you will think of Govardhan as a rock. You won't know the glories of Govardhan. 

By hearing all these top most hari-katha from bona-fide Vaishnavas, you will develop greed.

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