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Monday, July 3, 2017

Total Dedication to Their Lordships

(On 17th June, Sri Sri Radha Govinda Gaudiya Math, Malaysia had the good fortune to host Sripad Bhakti Bibuddha Bodhayan Maharaja on his recent tour here, Below is an excerpt of the Hari-Katha given by Maharaji)

Image result for images of srila gour kishore das babaji maharaja
Srila Gour Kishore das Bahaji Maharaja

Once Srila Gour Kishore das Babaji Maharaja called a doctor to come immediately to him.  
The doctor thought that Srila Maharaja must be ill. Therefore, he rushed to where Srila Maharaja was living.

As soon as the doctor arrived, Srila Maharaja ordered the doctor to treat his wooden Deities – Their Lordships, Sri Gaur Nitai.

The doctor thought this must be some kind of joke. How can an image of wood be treated? The doctor thought to himself. He assumed that Srila Maharaja had lost his mind.

But Srila Maharaja insisted and asked the doctor to check his Deities' pulses.
Seeing such determination and also to pacify Srila Maharaja, the doctor checked the Deities' pulses. As soon as he touched Sri Gaur Nitai,  the doctor felt the Deities were having a high temperature. In fact They were having fever!
Image result for image of sripad bhakti bibudha maharaj
Sripad Bhakti Bibuddha Bodhayan Maharaja
The doctor gave some medicine to be offered for Their Lordships.

Srila Babaji Maharaja ordered the doctor to come again the next day and check on Them once more – just in case They were still sick.

So just see how much devotion, love and affection Srila Gaur Kishore das Babaji Maharaja has for Their Lordships and how They are reciprocating with him as well.

We should always chant and remember the sweet pastimes of Their Lordships. Otherwise we may have to come back again in this material world.

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