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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Destination

Death is inevitable. Sometimes we see our friends and family members so alive and kicking. And the very next moment they are gone. But who has gone? It is the soul --- The driver of that body or human machine as some may call it.
It is not so important when we will go or leave the body. It is more important where we will be going. The soul transmigrates from as many as 8 million 400 thousand species of living entities. It is a vicious cycle of birth and death.
Some fools say it is nice to be born a swine and let someone slaughter them. Is it really the case? When one takes a swine's body, only then will it realise that fear of death or to be slaughtered are very terrifying experiences. Otherwise why do even animals show so much fear before being slaughtered?
As humans we must ponder about such matters. Or else we are nothing but two-legged animals.
But if a human-being as taken shelter of the Holy Name, heard Harikatha from a bona-fide spiritual master, then that soul is guaranteed to have a better human birth in his or her next life. And from there the soul will make more progress.
As Srila Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhar Maharaja says, "The present is at our hand. We do not know about the future. We must try to use the time at hand to its best advantage. How is that? Associate with the saints and the scriptures."
The destination is what we must focus on. Back home, Back To Godhead.

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