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Sunday, February 22, 2009

His Sweet Will

Sripad BV Madhava Maharaja speaking on the importance of sadhu-sanga.

On 21st February 2009, Srila Maharaja gave a wonderful lecture on the importance of sadhu-sanga and why sadhus (sages) are travelling all around the world. Srila Maharaja called upon some of his disciples to talk about the subject matter--- 'the glories of sadhu-sanga' (associating with holy sages). One of them even mentioned that although many countries are inviting Srila Maharaja, His Divine Grace very mercifully has come to Malaysia many times.

When Sripad BV Madhava Maharaja spoke, he somewhat 'corrected' the earlier speaker. This is a small excerpt of His Holiness's speech.

(Sripad BV Madhava Maharaja):"Srila Gurudeva is not dependent on our invitation. He is travelling and going everywhere on his own sweet will. His heart feels for us because we are in misery and there is weakness of heart."

[His Holiness also mentioned how men are attracted to the 3 W's --- Wine, Women & Wealth. As for women they are attracted to the 3 M's --- Men, Marijuana & Money.]

Srila Gurudeva is coming again and again only to remind us that we are suffering and how to get out of this miserable condition of life.

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