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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Real Judge

The other day some devotees wanted to put up a sketch for a visiting sannyasi. Unfortunately there was not enough time. That’s when this scribe suggested to “recycle” the old drama since the visiting sadhu never saw it before. Not only will it brush up their acting skills, it will also convey the message of “Where is God” and “What is God doing?” which is the title of the sketch.

Another devotee, let’s call this person C who actually meant well, did not agree. He felt the group of actors should put up a new play and make the play the best ever. Of course I did not agree to this. Because the group could only do so much as most of its members lived far from another. Besides they are giving their best and it is their seva.

But C did not concur. He said he would always make sure to give the best. For example, he would give a big and beautiful garland to Sri Guru. That’s when another devotee, let’s call this person T, said he would give a smaller and a sweet garland to Sri Guru if that’s what pleases Sri Guru most.

Then T went on to elaborate a story from Lord Buddha. Once, many disciples of Lord Buddha wanted to light up ghee lamps for the Lord. Some managed to light up hundreds and some thousands. But there was one poor old lady who did not have any money to do this. She cut her hair and sold her tresses to buy one ghee lamp. Then a fierce wind came and blew out all the lighted lamps. Only the lady’s ghee lamp was shining brightly.

Devotee T said one must not impose their mood on others. If J felt that he could give the best, then J should continue doing so. J is also correct. But to stop others from making their offering because you felt it was not good enough is not a kind act.

Both C and T had an amicable discussion. Both had their own way of doing seva. We cannot judge another person’s seva according to our mundane senses. Because the real judge is Sri Guru and Krsna.

Ultimately as what Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaja once said, “It is not the seva itself, but the attitude towards the seva.”

This insignificant scribe is praying to realize all these truths.

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